YourTango's Top Fathers Of 2009

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The celebrity dads we think deserve recognition this Father's Day.

In honor of Father's Day, we've collected the top 8 famous fathers who we think deserve recognition this year. These fathers juggle busy careers, relationships and the lives of their children with ease and grace. And most of them don't look half bad while doing it!

Here's our list of the top famous fathers of the year (so far):

President Obama. Not only does he run the country, he makes time to take the girls to school and Michelle out on dates. Read: 4 Obama-Inspired Date Ideas

Liam Neeson. After losing wife, Natasha Richardson, in March 2009 after a tragic skiing accident, Liam's helped his two sons through their mother's death.

Dwayne Johnson. Daughter Simone is a red-carpet staple for the former wrestler turned actor, and celeb rags have reported that she's got him wrapped around her little finger. As it should be, we say! Though Johnson and ex-wife Dany Garcia split in 2007, they've said they'll be lifelong friends.

Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel. An Israeli-born, Chicago-based pediatrician most famous for raising a trifecta of uber-successful sons otherwise known as Rahm, White House Chief of Staff; Ari, head of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, one of the nation's largest talent agencies and the basis for Entourage's Ari Gold character; and Ezekiel, an oncologist, bioethicist and White House advisor. The Emanuels sure did something right. Read: Good Dad And Loving Husband: Can I Be Both?

Liev Schreiber. Since becoming the father of two kids with partner Naomi Watts, Liev says he now can relate to everything his mother went through raising him. He flew home to New York City (missing a movie premiere) to be with son Alexander "Sasha" after he was admitted to the hospital in April 2009.

Brad Pitt. The "Sexiest Man Alive" tends to the Brangelina brood as if they were all his own and (despite breakup rumors) says he's with Angie because she's "company I really, really love."

Will Smith. He told People magazine that he credits his father for inspiring him to be an involved father to kids Trey, Jaden and Willow. He's so involved with his children that he's brought them all along to work with him. Trey was featured in his "Just The Two Of Us" music video in 1988, Will and Jaden starred together in 2006's Pursuit of Happyness, and Willow joined him in 2007's I Am Legend.

Hugh Jackman. He and wife Deborra-Lee Furness (whose engagement ring he designed) adopted both their children. His fame recently helped his son, Oscar, hit on the ladies, to boot.

Tell us: Do you agree? If not, which stellar dads have we left off the list?

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