Hugh Hefner Can't Tell His Twin Girlfriends Apart

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Playboy magnate confesses his confusion between Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Eighty-three-year-old Hugh Hefner might be showing his age. The Playboy mogul recently stated at the Playmate of the Year party that he can't always tell who is who among his three new girlfriends. Granted, two of them just happen to be identical twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

The 19-year-olds, along with 22-year-old Crystal Harris, are Hef's latest arm candy, each sporting platinum blond hair and "made for sin" looks. The Shannon girls more or less replace Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson's spots at Hugh's side. Read: Blondes Ruin Romance Most Often Says Study 

According to Fox News, Hefner relies on a small "mark" on one twin's neck to differentiate between the two.

"I have one little trick, one has a little mark," he confessed. "Other than that, I don't know."

So unless Hugh consistently checks for neck moles on the twins, half the time, we imagine he's pretty clueless—just a blissfully clueless octogenarian living out the greatest male fantasy.