Jada And Will Still Talking About Sexy Marriage

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Long-married couple are totally not gay, but like to show off.

Since Jada Pinkett Smith has a new show to promote (HawthoRNe, on TNT, which your mom is just dying to watch), she's all over the place talking about how she and husband Will are totally not gay, but they do like to have quickies in other people's houses to keep their 11-year marriage hot.

"Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex,” Jada told Redbook. "Be sneaky... your girlfriend's house at a party. The bathroom. A bedroom. Anything like that can keep it going. Anything it takes to keep the flame alive."

Jada and Will, who first met when she auditioned for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when she was 19, have long been the subject of rumors—mostly because they seem so normal, i.e. boring, that the gossipeuses of the world just have to make up stuff to write about—that they're secret Scientologists, that they swing, or that they are each other’s beards. "I've heard all the things—their marriage is not real, he's gay, she's gay, they swing," she told an Atlanta radio station Monday. "But at the end of the day, people have to believe what they have to believe. It's too hard to be in a pretend marriage. Life's too short for that one." Jada Pinkett Smith on Love and Marriage

The couple has three children, sons Trey and Jaden, and daughter Willow, and have been one of Hollywood's more stable marriages for over a decade. So whatever they like to do to keep that going, we would love to know. Maybe Will could tell us next time he has a project to promote. As long as it's not whatever Bruce Willis and his new wife are up to, because that is scaring us.

Via Us Weekly and The Sun. Photo courtesy of Splash News.