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Comment of the Day 06/17

Comment of the Day 06/17

Turns out, men don't like to be confined by lists. In response to "13 Relationships Mistakes We Wish We'd Stop Making", tyrone tells ladies to stop LISTING HIM IN!

great many women think they are grooming men that didnt asked for your opinion. i have been told that i am marriage material and dont have any problems findin dates or a woman. i just dont like when women think that men need to adjust and adhere to 47 different magazines suggestions of how we should be , what we wear during sex, if our relationship with our moms is bad how this will determine who and what the future holds for the relationship. My mother is a compulsive gambler, bingo, lottery, card games etc. She is an alcoholic and can be quite negative when she's broke. So when women ask me how my realtionship is with my mother and i tell them not good, the ignorant women, and i repeat the ignorant ones who read all these mags about men and their moms and is he the marrige type usually try to degrade me and make me appear like its something about me that has the character defect or problem. After the conversation erupts after several women tried to insinute its me- i then tell them the history and addiction to gambling mood swing etc, they look like fools and by then the realtionship takes a negative turn and i dump them. my point is,weas men need to be given more credit for the reason we behave and instead of trying to play girlfriend, counselor, theraphist /groomer women need to use assertive social skills and tact to ask questions pertaining to each individual man to make sure you have the right information before using a ne size fits all approach to tryin to define a behavior.

Tyrone's comment continues on and he makes some really good points about socks in the bed. (Read the rest here.) I guess, in sum, every guy just wants to be given a fair shake.


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