A Good Night's Rest Improves Relationships

Woman sitting in bed
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More sleep and other obvious, but overlooked tips to a healthier relationship.

Everyone always seems to be on the constant search for more sleep. But catching a little shut-eye can also be the first thing discarded and overlooked when "life" gets in the way. According to a new study, however, getting enough sleep and the quality of a relationship are very much intertwined.

Basically, it was found that not sleeping enough negatively affects relationship quality the following day. Conversely, negative relationship interactions during the day have an adverse affect on the quality of sleep that night. A vicious cycle to be sure.

ScienceDaily reported that the principal investigator recommended that, "couples should resolve disputes before going to bed and avoid confrontational discussions on a day when one or both of them had a bad night's sleep." Read: Can't Sleep While Sharing A Bed?

While it's always nice to have scientific proof, this advice is an old adage that married couples have been giving to newlyweds for years. But while it seems obvious, plenty of people don't follow it. We decided to come up with a few more obvious relationship tips that can easily be overlooked.

1. Exercising.
Like sleeping, it is something that improves our mental and physical health as individuals. It makes sense that if our mind and body are healthier, the quality of our relationship will improve, too.

2. What's on your mind? Rather than holding all frustrations or annoyances inside and letting them fester, have a healthy dialogue expressing how you feel. If you do this with your partner and anyone else in your life, your mind will be more at ease thus resulting in a better relationship. Read: How to Keep Your Man: Communication

3. Eat together. This is a good time to connect. Whether it's at breakfast or dinner, take time each day to sit down and break bread with your partner.

4. Affection. Everyone wants to feel loved, especially by their partner. Whether it's from touching, eye contact, through words or sex, make sure your partner is getting the affection that he or she needs. Read: Which Love Language Do You Speak?