Kate Gosselin Rumors: Drinking, Spanking, Cheating

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Her marriage continues to unravel with allegations of – gasp – booze.

In its latest salvo in the Jon & Kate Plus Eight war, the National Enquirer reports that Kate, mother of eight kids and manager of what amounts to a small media empire, has been known to suck down a therapeutic bottle of vino after dinner. OMG. Scandal.

A former employee of the Gosselin family (another of those 40 fired baby nurses?) spoke to the Enquirer and said Kate believes in corporal punishment, sometimes doling out smacks on the behind with a plastic kitchen spoon to her kids when they're not behaving, and that she was "short-fused and demanding." More: Jon And Kate Talking To Divorce Lawyers

In addition, the source talks about seeing Kate and her bodyguard, Steve Neild, getting closer. "Steve often put his hands on her hips to guide her. He didn't have to touch her, but he always did, and Kate certainly didn't object to it," the source said. Jon’s reaction to all of the above: "Jon never said anything about it, but then, he never said much about anything."

So. What we have here is a woman enjoying her wine, which we will never criticize, especially when she has an entire soccer team at home, and possibly enforcing discipline too strictly. Yes, it's bad to hit your kids, but as discussed before, we don't really trust the National Enquirer as far as we can throw them. This whole Jon & Kate saga is frankly getting so ugly it's wearing on us. So here's a picture of a cat that looks like Hitler! It's funny.

Via the National Enquirer. Photo courtesy of TLC.