Chris Brown With Rihanna Twin (Plus, Sex Tape!)

chris brown

Chris Brown was seen with a Rihanna look-alike at Sunday's NBA finale, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, and yesterday news of a possible Rihanna sex tape leaked onto the internet. The sex tape rumors are fueled by a video preview (you can check it out at the Hollyscoop) showing a woman who looks a lot like the singer. The trailer says that the full tape will be released June 22—the same day Chris Brown is due to appear in court. Coincidence? Perhaps. But it's looking an awful lot like Chris Brown is up to something…

The Rihanna clone Brown sat with in Orlando on Sunday was Teyana Taylor, an 18-year-old rapper and singer from New York. According to, after the game Taylor Twittered, "If one more reporter says that I'm Rihanna, I'm gonna go crazy," and "I look nothin like Rihanna." But take a look for yourself: Taylor could easily be mistaken for the Barbados beauty.

A few weeks ago real naked photos of Rihanna circulated through the internets. But is this sex tape real? Could Teyana Taylor be its star? And is Chris Brown responsible? According to TMZ, Brown is mounting a huge PR push to influence the jury who will judge him at his trial for beating Rihanna. Only time will tell… Chris Brown Pleads 'Not Guilty'

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