Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Engaged

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy

Former NFL star is ready to walk down the aisle with Eddie Murphy's ex.

Former New York Giant star Michael Strahan and actress Nicole Murphy are engaged and happier than ever.

The pair transitioned lovestages on May 22 in the Bahamas. According to People, Nicole now sports a canary-yellow and white-diamond engagement ring.Read: Engagement Chicken And 9 Other Milestone Meals

But that wasn't the only good news Michael received that day. To top things off, he also learned that he was going to star in a new TV show, Brothers, on Fox starting in mid-September.

Despite this, we're sure the excitement about the engagement won over the thrill of a new television show. At least for Strahan.

"I have a great relationship and she's a great girl," Strahan told People. "I don't like to talk much about my private life, but I'm really happy."

Both Michael and Nicole have been married before. Michael has four kids from two former marriages, whle Nicole has five children with actor Eddie Murphy.

Though neither have plans to have more youngins, they are both elated with the prospect of marriage and glad they are able to move on from their past.Read: Good Dad And Loving Husband: Can I Be Both?

"When I got divorced, I said never again," Nicole said back in 2008. "[But] Michael and I talk about everything, and we both love to travel, explore and laugh."

No word yet on what Eddie Murphy thinks of the engagement.

Photo courtesy of Splash News.