Mate Selection: How It Works

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Scientists say it's not chance but choice.

In his recent paper, Mate Choice and Sexual Selection: What Have We Learned Since Darwin, evolutionary scientist and professor Adam Jones from Texas A&M University marvels that Darwin got it right with his 150-year-old theory that mate selection is anything but random chance. Instead, it is based on a practice that is very deliberate and multi-faceted. Darwin's theory has withstood decades of analysis. Read: Attraction Pheromones May Not Exist

"Darwin noticed that birds, especially, seemed to be a bit picky about who they mated with," Jones said in a press release on June 15. "He discovered that birds – especially females – had preferences and that they did not just choose a mate randomly. He believed this is due to beauty of the plumage, that females usually selected the most colorful males. That was an important first step, and it's given us models to work from to try to answer other big questions." Read: Decoding Love: Forget Romance, Embrace Science

Yet, there are still many unsolved mysteries scientists have yet to figure out and sexual selection in humans is a hot-button research topic in the field of scientific research these days, and one we are definitely going to keep our eye on. Because we too are fascinated by this stuff!