Free E-Book Attempts To Help Men Get Laid


Dating e-book swears it will get socially awkward men hot women. Right.

Paging all lonely men! Dating website Casanova System swears it has the answer to that little lack of sex problem you suffer from—you don't have enough 'social proof,' brother.

The authors of a new e-book (which can be downloaded for free here) claim the only thing standing between you and a Megan Fox look-a-like are a few quick pointers on how to act like a man-about-town when holding court at a bar. Or wherever you are—just as long as you're swarmed by people. 20 Relationships And Technology Dos And Don'ts

Sure, maybe you're short, balding, have zero fashion sense (we could go on) but as long as you appear "desirable, trustworthy and well connected" the Jessica Alba of the happy hour circuit is yours!

This basically follows along a mode of thinking that women are interested in power. You can completely bypass the physical (this theory alludes) and tap into every lady's instinctual desire to be with the most "worthy" man in the room. Give it a shot!

Unfortunately, you have to download the entire thing to learn all the wise tricks they'll feed these unsuspecting suckers. Such as "Top Ten Traits To Connect With The 'Cool Crowd'" and "Catapult Your Social Prowess To The Maximum By Seeming Less 'Weird'"

Our heart breaks for these nerdy guys who should really just be themselves. (Nerd men! The best kept secret!) The world need more unbuttoned, gold-chain wearing lotharios like it needs another o-zone hole.