Rihanna Linked To Two Basketball Players


While both Chris Brown and Rihanna attended Game 4, RiRi may have her eyes on a new baller.

On Thursday night, the Lakers and the Magic faced off in Game 4 of the NBA finals, but they weren't the only adversaries in the Orlando arena. Days before, singer Chris Brown had been subpoenaed to appear in court after being charged with assaulting his former girlfriend pop-artist Rihanna. Though not sitting together, both were in attendance cheering on the Lakers, but each may have had other motives for being there.

According to the Daily News, Brown went over to where Rihanna was sitting to say hello to her friends. "Chris was definitely trying to make the situation less awkward," said one eyewitness. "He was trying to be very grownup, and wanted Rihanna to see that as well."

However, Rihanna was at the game for one of two reasons, and neither included hanging out with her former lover. Reports had surfaced that the new man in her life was Andrew Bynum, who plays center for the Lakers, but a source and friend of the singer told the Daily News about a different pro baller she was digging on. Read: Is Rihanna Dating Again?

"Ri and Andrew are just friends, and they have been for a while. It’s Rashard [Lewis] who she wants. She thinks he’s hotter than hot."

Lewis plays forward for the Magic and apparently is the man Rihanna has her sights set on. As for Brown, he doesn't seem to fit into the picture, other than when he appears in court for to face the allegations against him.

Rihanna appears to be enjoying the life of a single, female basketball fan, and is in the enviable position of actually having a chance with the player of her dreams. As for whether its Bynum or Lewis she has special feelings for, maybe now that the Lakers won the title she will change her mind.

Photo courtesy of Splashnews