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Take a picture, it lasts longer!!!!


Okay, heres the deal.  I have been dating this guy and we are exclusive just to each other.  When we are out, and it not all the time that he does this- He will gauk at other women when I am with him and he makes it so obvious that he is doing this that I know and see it  and the people that we are with know.  It makes me jeolous and awkward feelings start to play into this for me.  Its very embarassing for me.  I almost told him to take a picture that it would last longer.  Am I just being overly sensitive or does this guy need to be more discrete about how he goes about checking out the opposite sex.  I am thinking being we are  a new item that he should be on his best behavoir.  My brother seen him doing it when we were out and it made him mad and he said that it is disrespectful of me for this guy to do this right in front of me.

I also told him how it made me feel and he said that I better get used to it because He's a man and there is nothing wrong with just looking.  I also am thinking to myself that if it bothered me enough to say something to him about it don't you think he would show a little more concern for my feelings on the matter?  I brought it up again just yesterday and asked how it would make him feel if I was constantly looking at another man and that I made it so obvious to him that I was checking someone else out while I was with him.  He just said " I don't know"  Hmmmmm.  I will have to keep my eyes open on this one.  What would he do if I wasn't around and the opportunity presented itself?  I just wonder.  Can't figure this one out.  Anyone that can offer some solid advise, I would appreciate it. 


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