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what I realized.


at the end of my "intimacy lite" relationship now. Been seeing a guy for little of over 2 years now. Known each other for about 11 years but just really got to know him since we crossed paths again.  We both have children.  He's married but seperated for 7 years now. He's very settled in life and we've become best friends. We talk everyday, help each other with the kids, cook dinner together and ocassionally have sex. We've seen each other thru some really hard times(both of our parents were gravely sick- My dad died a week before his mother nearly died) and for me the situation has gotten deep. I feel more than I should but I think that  is completely natural. I am a woman.

a few weeks ago, we had a few words and he decided thingSs were gettin way to serious between us.He jumped on a plane and has been with another woman (his "friend") for two weeks now.  He left me the keys to  his house and his checkbook to finish paying the bills. So how am I supposed to feel when he does those  things? He doesn't expect them but he knows I'll handle it. Sounds pathetic to me too. yet, I still do them. Now,  I know that I am not married to this man therefore have no say so because I've always known the situation. I set myself up from the beginning by becoming to involved with a still married man.

My only option is to leave the relationship where it is.. By walking away now, I can still have respect for myself and him. Maybe later down the road we can reestablish our friendship we began .


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