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"Popping your Cherry"


Sometimes things get complicated we love that special someone the one that we think is our "soulmate".  We all have had relationships in the past that we have been with for a period of time, But now they have had a "Revelation", that the time that they spent with you was the best time that they ever had in a relationship with a women ever in their life. He's finally come to the realization that He really does LOVE YOU AND HE NEVER STOPPED.  (Now that no one else has any interest in his trifling ass anymore.)  They end up trying to take back down memory lane when they first "Popped your Cherry"  and the sex that you had was so good that your judgement was clouded just for a few minutes and you think that maybe I will try this all over again because it's familar?  When the light turns on, and you realize why it is that you are not in a relationship that was heading nowhere in the first place.   Reality sets  in, and my intuition kicks in and says release it chick, just let it go!!  Because 9 times out of 10 it didn't work before and it's probably not going to now.  So just start over from scratch and let someone find out the good qualities that you have to offer and let him love you for you and then maybe that is how you ca find true happiness


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