Paper: Usher's Divorce Papers Not Filed


While a lawyer called for information, as of now, no divorce papers have been filed.

Is someone being Usher-ed out of Mr. Raymond's marriage?

Rumors have been swirling around R&B singer Usher Raymond and his wife, stylist Tameka Foster. According to In Touch, the couple has started divorce proceedings. Divorce Types: How To Choose

In Touch quotes an insider saying that Raymond and Foster have been living apart for a year now. The source also told In Touch, "Usher’s primary concern is for his children. He is a great father and just wants to do what is right for them."

The couple have two children, Usher Raymond V, 18 months, and Naviyd, 6 months.

Despite these alleged rumors, the New York Daily News found out that no such papers were filed in Georgia.

"The papers haven’t been filed yet, but we had a telephone conversation last week with an attorney asking how to file for them," a clerk told the paper. The clerk was unsure who the phoning lawyer represented or whether it was Usher or Foster who had initiated the proceedings.

This news comes only four months after Foster went into cardiac arrest during cosmetic surgery in Brazil and only six months after the youngest child was born. Meanwhile, the couple hasn't been photographer together since February, the Daily News reported.

Also according to the paper, Usher's displeasure with the marriage is widely known. TV's 7 Most Dysfunctional Couples

"He was tired of how demanding she is. He always had to cater to her constant insecurities," says one of Usher's friends.

Another friend confirms: "Everyone close to Usher knew how unhappy he was. [Tameka] is crazy. His mother didn’t even go to their wedding because she didn’t approve.

The couple has had ups-and-downs in the past according to In Touch.

The magazine reported Usher was flirting with other women in November 2008, and in February (when Foster went into cardiac arrest) Usher didn't even know why she was having surgery. Why Women Can't Resist Rock Stars

While everyone continues to speculate, Celebitchy points out that rumors abounded of the couple demise last year, before Foster announced she was preggers with Naviyd.

Maybe they are just going for baby number three?