Love Bytes: Rules For Cheating

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What counts as cheating, why do women love Adam Lambert, and men in aprons.

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Is It Cheating If Both Partners Do the Same Girl? [Lemondrop]

A few years ago my ex and i would hook up with this girl at different times while also including her [in bed with us] about 2-3 times a month. The reason my ex left me (with a text-message break up) is because she said did not like my sleeping with our mutual bed buddy on my own -- but meanwhile, she was also doing it without letting me know.

Cougars Go Gaga For Glambert. [The Frisky]

Now that your man is laid off, will be become a domestic goddess? [Recessionwire]

Before he got laid off, such an errand would have caused him strife. When he had to show up somewhere on time, anything that deviated from the norm of morning routine could throw him off. But this morning was different. This morning, Marco had a reverie buying me eggs.