Best of YourTango: Blogs, Questions And More

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This week YourTango was all about you, even if you missed it.

Look at that pretty little face! Yes, we're talking to you!

That's because this week YourTango was all about you. From our advice on why technological compatibility is important to your blogs on sex education and your questions seeking advice, there was only one thing on our minds this week: You!

But, just in case you were too busy developing a narcissistic complex that would put Narcissus to shame, here's this week's best.

Community Blog: Teaching Our Kids About Sex
BookMama tells us about her son's sex education and wonders how to broach the subject.

Question: Will He Ever Be Able To Trust Me?
An overbearing husband is causing problems for RynePhynix. What should she do?

Question: Which Kind Of Affair Is Worse?
johannalyman looks for the community's input.

LoveBuzz: Technology: The New Compatibility Test
Technology is becoming ever more important in relationships... and causing unexpected problems. 

Feature: I Hope My Daughter Marries ...
A father contemplates the type of men his daughter will date.

Celeb Love: Adam Lambert Confirms He's Gay
He's here. He's queer. And he didn't want to cheapen his coming out, he tells Rolling Stone.

Tomfoolery: Bad Ideas: Cutting Your Penis Off For Love
The lengths one man went to, to get out of an arranged marriage.