5 Jobs That Make Us Hot

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A man's occupation isn't all that matters, but some jobs are undoubtedly sexy.

We're sure you know the old adage: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Well, we were reminded of this little tidbit last night while watching Top Chef Masters on Bravo.

In case you missed it, 24 master chefs are competing throughout the season—4 per episode—to win money for the charity of their choice. Now, we won't give away the conclusion to the first episode, but we thought it was important to note the surprising appeal of Hubert Keller. And, we're not typically gaga for older men, but there was just something about Keller's ease in the kitchen that made our hearts beat a little faster.

And we're pretty sure it was just the professional cooking job that did it to us. However, it got us to thinking: what other professions make us go weak in the knees?

Here's five of our favorite male professions:

Athletes—We realize some men get paid to play games all day, but that doesn't mean they don't look great while doing it. Whether it's Roger Federer, A-Rod or even Barry Bonds we wish they'd put the ball in our court, if you get what we mean. Barry Bonds Splits From Wife

Doctors—Anyone who's ever tuned into Grey's Anatomy or ER knows just how gorgeous a guy looks in surgical scrubs. There's just something attractive about a guy who not only can find your heart, he knows how to fix it, too.

Musicians—Now, we're not talking about your teen pop sensation here. We mean a deep, brooding singer/songwriter. Think Ryan Adams or Kanye without the attitude problems, Kris Allen with a little more heartache, or Pete Wentz (even with crazy Ashlee). Ashlee Simpson In Catfight Over Pete Wentz

Police Officers—A professional that not only allows, but requires someone to carry a gun and a pair of handcuffs? Sign us up! If love is a crime, one good cop can put us away for life.

Teachers—It could just be our current obsession with Glee, but there's something so nurturing and paternal about a teacher (especially an elementary school teacher) that turns us on. If someone is that good with other people's children, just imagine what he'd be like with his own.

So tell us, what professions do you find sexy?