Is The Recession Changing Men's Values?

Is The Recession Changing Men's Values?

How the economy may make your man more family-oriented.

This morning my husband Marco got up early to buy me eggs before my morning sickness kicked in. Before he got laid off, such an errand would have caused him strife.Read: 4 Reasons To Date The Unemployed

"I got to the store on the corner before it opened," he came back and explained, his voice all quiet and calm. "And when I came back and picked up the eggs, I thought of where they came from. I thought of the farm."

"The farm?" I asked, plucking two eggs from their carton in a rush to cook them and get them in me quickly before I threw up. We live in busy Manhattan. Even the closest farmer's market is a few subway stops away.

"Yeah, the farm. I felt part of that cycle of farm life where you get up before dawn because you have to get some things done before everyone else wakes up. I felt part of some kind of more natural work life cycle. I felt part of that somehow just looking at these eggs."

While urgently scrambling, I asked him to explain. A corporate environment takes you away from the eggs, he said. The tactics of a corporate life are very different from the tactics of a home life, which has its own approach, one for which my husband seems to have a newfound appreciation. Watch: Saving Money—And Your Relationship—After Job Loss

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"I feel like in the time that I've been laid off, I've become a family man," he continued as I listened while stuffing my mouth with sustenance from the hen. "Maybe I've been growing that way anyway, but being laid off has given me another level of awareness. It makes me want to be somewhere where you can hear the roosters crow—like back in Puerto Rico."Read: 10 Tips For Saving A Marriage After Job Loss