Jon Gosselin With Other Woman On Kate’s Birthday

Jon Gosselin cheated on Kate on her birthday

Jon Gosselin partied with mistress while Kate celebrated her birthday solo.

Like the rest of the world, we’re waiting with bated breath to find out just when Jon and Kate Gosselin will officially put their strained relationship out of its misery and finally file for divorce. We reported earlier this week that they’ve met with lawyers but while we wait for confirmation, more reports are coming out that Jon and Kate are OVER. Jon And Kate Talking To Divorce Lawyers
If you watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight last week, then you know it wasn’t exactly the happiest 34th birthday celebration for Kate. All the kids tried hard to make it special—even throwing her a party at the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes studio. Super cute, yes, but there was one guest missing from the festivities. No shock here, but Jon was halfway across the country at a ski resort in Park City, Utah. Jon’s never hidden that he takes solo vacations to get a breather from the chaos of having eight kids (and a tense relationship with his wife). But now Us Weekly is reporting that while Jon was seen on camera helping disabled kids ski during the trip—off camera was a totally different story. And this won’t come as a shock—but Jon was not alone. He brought along 23-year-old schoolteacher Deanna Hummel and the pair partied together like teenagers on spring break. Jon Gosselin’s Affair Confirmed?
If you recall, Jon has denied that he’s romantically involved with Deanna (like we really believe that) so it definitely must sting even more for Kate to learn that they were together during her birthday. Apparently Jon even mentioned to a friend, ‘Hey, it’s Kate’s birthday—I should get her something!’ but never followed through. Instead, Jon snuggled up to Deanna at the dark and cozy Downstairs bar in Park City. Things got so heated with them that one of Jon’s friends even deleted some incriminating photos from his cell phone. And sources say that Jon reeked of pot. Can Cheating Ever Be Justified?
We know that Kate hasn’t exactly been an innocent by-stander in all this drama—she too has been accused of cheating and of course we’ve all witnessed how nasty she speaks to Jon in front of their children (and cameras). But hooking up with another woman for all the world to see on her birthday? That’s pretty cold. We’ll see what the divorce lawyers have to say about that, now won’t we? Jon & Kate & The $10 Million Dollar Divorce
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