Man Sues Dating Site

man frustrated by online dating

Find out why one man was so fed up with he filed suit.

There's little else that feels as bad as unrequited love. It's a theme that has been present in some of the most prolific love stories (or tragedies, one might say). One man from Brooklyn recently filed suit against, an Internet dating website, claiming it is leading on its members, reports New York's Daily News.

The whopping $5 million federal lawsuit is being brought against the site by a 37-year-old Brooklynite. The claim is that fails to remove members who are no longer active from its dating pool, leading other paying members to try and contact them and wonder why they never hear back. Finding someone on the site who is attractive and has potential as a possible mate and then making contact... only to never hear back can leave members feeling needlessly rejected, their confidence bruised, the man claims.Dating, Adventurist Style

It will be curious to see if Sean McGinn wins his case. We understand that not hearing back from a love interest can lead to feelings of disappointment and rejection, but really, we say, welcome to the world of dating, Mr. McGinn. We start to wonder if paying members of dating websites start to think that because they're paying, dating will go as they want. Dating will always involve a series of wins and losses, hopefully more of the former. Of course, in this case, this is not really rejection, because the inactive members no longer received correspondence so it was not as if they were actively deciding whether or not to respond.

Readers, what do you think? Do paying members of dating sites expect to have an easier time with dating... because they shelled out cash?