Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Hook-Up

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reuniting?
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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together in NYC.

It's the reunion the world's been hoping to see happen but never ever thought possible. Brad and Jen, as in Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, are rumored to be going to great lengths to meet up after hours. According to Star Magazine, they recently had a late night tryst at the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan. The limo driver who helped get Jen to the  hotel and meet-up with her ex-husband reveals that the pair did everything in their power so they wouldn't get caught. "It was well planned so no one would see them," the driver said. "They were really careful to not be spotted." 4 Types Of Infidelity & How Affairs Help Marriage

According to the driver, once he dropped Jen off at the hotel, she went on to spend more than two hours together in the back of the Gramercy's empty 18th floor Private Roof Club with Brad. What went on between them is unclear . . . we'll just have to use our imaginations on that one.

But this news comes hot on the heels of a rumored split between Brad and Angelina Jolie.  A split, however, that they both adamantly denied. In fact, despite reports of trouble in paradise for Brangelina, recent rumors have cropped up that Angie may finally be ready to marry Brad in New Orleans this summer. We'll believe it when we see it since apparently, Brad and Jen have also been texting and calling each other excessively over the past few weeks. And their Gramercy meet-up wasn't their first. The former lovers were also seen together at the end of April being driven around NYC while sipping coffee and chatting in the back of a black SUV. How To Heal A Relationship After An Affair

Only time will tell what's in store for this little love triangle. And we know better than to really believe this is all true though it's nice to dream, right? Brad and Angie do have a brood of children together to think about. But come on, we secretly hoped the day would come that Brad and Jen announced they couldn't fight their feelings for each other any more and we know that you must have been too. No matter what happens though, we're sure this story is nowhere near over just yet!

Photo Courtesy of Splash News