Light Therapy For Male Sexual Dysfunction

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Researchers find a new treatment option for men with sexual dysfunction.

New help for men with sexual dysfunction may be on the way. In a new small study, researchers find that light therapy may cure certain sexual dysfunction in men, reports the UK's Press Association.

When researchers randomly divided men into two groups, either giving them a placebo light treatment or authentic light therapy for one half hour each morning during a two-week period, they found that the men receiving the authentic light therapy experienced an improvement in sexual function.

Study participants were suffering from sexual dysfunction including inability to reach orgasm, low desire and impotence. The light used in the light therapy was a white fluorescent light box of 10,000 lux intensity.13 Relationships Mistakes We Men Could Stop Making

How does the light therapy work? The  intense light is thought to alter the pineal gland in the brain, which in turn regulates the internal biological clock tied to many body functions, reports the Press Association.

The study results appear in the scientific journal, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.