Why The New iPhone Is The New wePhone

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Improve your relationship with Apple's latest smart phone.

Yesterday, Apple premiered the latest incarnation of its smart phone line, the iPhone 3G S. Featuring a faster processor, more space and a bevy of new capabilities, the public is already anticipating the June 19 release date. However, if you're still hesitant on whether or not to take the technological leap, here are five ways having a new iPhone may even improve your love life.

1. Video Recording. Leave the sexting for the highschoolers. With iPhone 3G S's built-in video camera, simplified editing software and sharing capabilities, you can be your own Martin Scorsese or for the more adventurous out there, your own Jenna Jameson. Imagine, what better way to tantalize your significant other than with a sexy video message? Word to the wise, however, if you're aiming for an R-rating, make sure the receiving party possesses enough tact to be discreet and delete. Read: Phone Sex For Beginners

2. Phone Locator. So you're running late for a date [also insert any other timely engagement] and your phone is nowhere to be found. Well, scurry frantically about your home no more. Apple has introduced a new function, in conjunction their MobileMe services, that allows users to locate a lost iPhone from any computer. You can have the missing phone located on a map or remotely signaled to make a loud beeping sound (which will work even if it's on silent). Now if only they could incorporate a key locator as well.

3. Search. There may come a time when you're feeling a little suspicious and more than a little nosy about your significant other's dealings outside the relationship. Not that we condone wholesale invasion of someone else's privacy, but if you really need to know, the new iPhones feature multiple Spotlight functionalities that allows one to search keywords across all applications, including Mail, Contacts and Calendar. And while this may not necessarily aid your relationship, it enforces the need for openness, honesty and perhaps some reevaluation. Read: How to tell if he's cheating? For starters, he is very possessive of his phone...

4. Tethering. This is iPhone's revolutionary ability to break your laptop out of WiFi bondage. Now you can link your iPhone's 3G connection to your Mac notebook or PC laptop and connect to the Internet without having to find a hotspot. Best of all, you can still receive calls while the iPhone is tethered your laptop. At last, you are free to set up work dates outside of coffee shops. Read: Office Romances Can Be Tricky

5. Better Battery Life. One of the major setbacks in the 2nd generation of iPhones was its meager battery life. After a day of heavy usage, late-night conversations were often limited to the charger's location. Though still untested by users, Apple is promising that the latest iPhone will offer 9 hours of Wi-Fi battery life, 12 hours 2G talk time and 5 hours 3G talk time. Longer-lasting battery life means longer and possibly more intimate conversations. Watch: How To Woo Him With Your Phone Voice