4 Obama-Inspired Date Ideas

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Barack and Michelle's recent outings make date nights relevant again.

Another week, another date night for the First Couple. Last week President Barack Obama took his wife Michelle out on the town. And by out, he flew the two of them (and a few security) to New York City. "On the town" included a limo ride to dinner and a stop on Broadway where they saw the play Joe Turner's Come and Gone.

This week the entire First Family was in Paris to commemorate, with the leaders of France, Britain and Canada, the 65th anniversary of D-Day. The Obama family had a private tour of Notre Dame Cathedral, where the president lit a candle while a children's choir sang for them. Read: Obama Girls Dating? Not Without Secret Service

Later that night, it was time for Barack to have, "Michelle time." For date night the duo dined at La Fontaine de Mars, a neighborhood bistro blocks away from the Eiffel Tower that dates back to 1908, and then took a ride along the quai on the Left Bank of the Seine River. Romantic indeed.

During a time of economic upheaval, the Obamas are showing the country that it is still important to take time for your relationship. Obviously, not everyone can dash to New York for a Broadway show, but plenty of options exist for us regular folks. Here are four ideas for how to get the time and what to do with it, inspired by the Obama's recent activities. Read: Romance On A Budget

1. Ask family to sit. If your children's grandparents or other relatives are close by, take advantage of free babysitters so you and your honey can get some time alone. Just be careful not to take too much advantage or they might not be available when you want it most.

2. Hit up a show. Check out your local theater or see one of the 20 Broadway traveling shows currently on the road. Live theater's a nice alternative to dinner-and-a-movie date night, plus it provides good fodder for post-theater discussion. Better than, "Hey, how neat was that explosion in 3-D, dear?"

3. Take a romantic stroll. To keep costs down, start out with a cheap dinner, maybe pizza, but then make the night special by going for a long walk just the two of you. Being outside at night is romantic and gives the you a chance to touch and be close by holding hands or linking arms.

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