Mel Gibson Demands Paternity Test

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He’s sure the eighth conception is the immaculate one.

A week after Mel Gibson unleashed a "crazed rant" on parishioners at his private, pre–Vatican II church, reports now indicate he is demanding his pregnant mistress, Oksana Grigorieva, submit to a paternity test to prove her unborn baby is in fact a little Braveheart. "Mel really loves Oksana, but he's a businessman, too," a source told the National Enquirer. "He really had no choice but to ask for a DNA test."

Some of the pressure behind the DNA test might be coming from Mel's seven older kids, who aren't saying Oksana is a gold digger, but they don't see her hanging out with no broke insanely conservative hypocritical Catholic movie stars of Australian extraction. "Some members of Mel's family believe Oksana is a gold digger," the source continues. "It's hard for Mel to hear that. He says he's agreed to the DNA test not for himself, but for his family." 10 Down And Dirty Divorce Tricks

At stake in Mel's divorce from his wife of 29 years (their anniversary was Sunday. Um, congratulations?), Robyn, is a fortune estimated at $1 billion from movies like the Lethal Weapon franchise and the hit torturefest The Passion of the Christ, along with properties in California, Australia, Fiji, and Costa Rica. If Robyn gets half of the money and real estate, as she's expected to under California's community property laws, her take would be even bigger than those of fellow Hollywood first wives Melissa Mathison (divorced from Harrison Ford in 2004) and Amy Irving (divorced from Steven Spielberg in 1989). But if anyone deserves it, it's the woman who's spent three decades being called "sugar t*ts" while raising seven kids by a husband who thinks she's going to hell.

Oksana's baby will be, of course, the eighth for Mel but the second for her. The Russian singer and pianist, who has a recording contract with Mel's record label, Icon Records, has an almost twelve-year-old son, Alexander, from her previous relationship with former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton. According to reports, Alexander gets along fairly well with Mel's youngest son, Thomas, who's ten.

Via Hollyscoop. Photo courtesy of Splash News.