Goldie Hawn Wary Of Kate Hudson - A-Rod Situation

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Kate Hudson's mom thinks dating without commitment not a great idea.

According to the fun-tastic UK gossip-rageous website, Fametastic, Goldie Hawn is a little bit worried Kate Hudson's relationship with Alex Rodriguez. Read: The Kate Hudson & A-Rod Situation

The starlet has been dating the sort of embattled ballplayer for a few weeks (and possibly for far longer in a more casual way). But not everyone thinks that the pair would make such a good, um, pair. Per the Fametastic post, "insiders" say that Goldie Hawn (the mother of Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson from Rules Of Engagement) thinks Kate needs to take a chill pill on the dating scene. She (Goldie Hawn and it's all allegedly) thinks that Kate Hudson is going to continue following the same pattern of meet dude, go fast, fall hard, get hurt that she seems to have adhering to since her divorce from her baby's daddy (and Black Crows front man) Chris Robinson back in 2006.

Since the Chris Robinson split, Kate Hudson has been hot and/ or heavy with Celeb Love favorite Owen Wilson (twice), professional bicycle rider Lance Armstrong and funny f*cker Dax Shepard. We've maintained for a long time that Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson share a special bond but it may be the next life before they're able to fully explore it. It's not often that a couple of people will fall in love on the set of a rom-com in which they do not play love interests (You, Me And Dupree). Anyone can go from romantic leads to dating in real life (Brad and Angelina, Double V and Jennifer Aniston, to name two couples).

Anywhom, A-Rod has been going through some relationship drama as of the last few years too. Last summer, the Yankees third baseman split from his wife of roughly six years amid allegations of Madonna-izing and general neglect. The man called Alex Rodriguez had also been spotted in the company of a stripper from Scores in Toronto during the spring of 2007. Plus he went on a bit of a lark back in the day with needle drugs (or whatever the kids are calling The Juice these days).

For her part, Goldie Hawn has to be a little wee bit wary of judging potential matches too quickly. Would she have thought that Joanna Slayton and Dean Proffitt would make such a great item (Overboard)? Or would she have thought that she would divorce Bill Hudson only to meet up with Kurt Russell a year or so later and wait 27 years (and counting) for him to put a ring on it but still be perfectly happy?

At any rate, only time will tell if A-Rod plus K-Hud will have legs. Any thoughts on whether or not the nickname Kate 'n Alie is going to work for you?

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