Jon And Kate Talking To Divorce Lawyers

Jon and Kate talking to divorce laywers

Looks like a divorce is in the works for Jon and Kate Gosselin.

So, is it really over for Jon and Kate Gosselin? Signals have pointed that the end is near for the stars of Jon and Kate Plus Eight from solo confessionals on the show to Jon being spotted out and about with other women (and possibly looking for an apartment). And then there's Kate's ex-fiance who recently revealed that she cheated on him when they were engaged and has a thing for guys with money. Read: Why It's Better To Marry For Money

According to Page Sixthe end is just around the corner and are reporting that Jon and Kate are already talking to divorce lawyers. In fact, the interview that Jon recently gave to People magazine to get his side of the story out there was apparently conducted from the offices of a high-powered divorce attorney in Manhattan. While the couple sorts out the details of what this will mean for them and the future of their eight kids, they're already living separate lives. Jon is at their home in Wernersville, Pa with their twin daughters while Kate is with the sextuplets in North Carolina. Who else is with them? Kate's bodyguard Steve Neild—yes, the same bodyguard she was may or may not have had an affair with. Read: Kate Gosselin Spills About Struggling Marriage

We'll have to wait and see what this means for the fate of the couple and their hit TLC show. Kate even said on the series premiere a few weeks ago that she did not know how much longer they could go on this way. Jon told E! News that the matter will be handled "privately." 

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