Out Of This World Weddings (Groan)

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Virgin Galactic space weddings, a zero g wedding and some cosmonaut nuptials action.

Anyone see the film Solaris? No. Hmm. Anyone see that movie Thank You For Smoking and remember Rob Lowe's description of Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones' post-coital smoking? No.

Fine, suffice it to say that people (nay really cool people) are obsessed with the idea of zero gravity copulation. But since someone feels squeamish about turning the space program into a cosmic spring break, it's been agreed that space weddings are a better way to make zero g love happen.

Because he's a pioneer (and an innovator), Sir Richard Branson was on the forefront of this outer space (actually low orbit) wedding action. His fledgling Virgin Galactic was said to be on the forefront of space weddings and was going to marry up a couple of astro-nerds this year. (Note: Virgin's maiden (heh, pun) voyage is likely going to be in 2010 with 250 already signed up for the $200,000 ticket.)

And, according to the home office (YourTango), a couple of daredevil dorks decided to jump the queue and get the first zero gravity wedding aboard the so-called Vomit Comet. A modified Boeing 727 climbs to roughly 7 miles of altitude and then rapidly descends slightly over 2 miles, thereby creating a weightless environment for up to 30 seconds. During this zero g interlude, Noah Fulmer and Erin Finnegan will be made man and wife and it won't be the first time that a Finnegan wedding involved vomiting.

But, technically, according to MSNBC, the first "space wedding" goes to Yuri Malenchenko and Ekaterina Dmitriev. The couple married back in 2003. Malenchenko was in orbit and Dmitriev was in Houston's Mission Control. The two wed via video and she had a tuxedoed cardboard cutout of the cosmonaut to match her white gown. He had Chewbacca*. Sure, she wasn't in space but he was, so… first space wedding.

The important thing is not to stay in space too long before trying some of these manuevers, you could break a hip due to bone density issues. It's really only a matter of time before NASA turns the whole operation into the Space Love Boat to make ends meet. For the sake of Neil Armstrong do not pull out, that's how UFOs are born.

I would like to point out that I went to Space Camp in the 4th Grade and was actually our shuttle commander, so the information herein is entirely accurate.

*Note: That's not true, Chewbacca would only ever be Han Solo's best man.