Catfight: Kristin Cavallari Vs Audrina Patridge

Kristin Cavallari stirs up the drama on the Hills

The Hills are alive with drama as Kristin makes a play for Audrina's ex.

OK, how much do we love those teasers on MTV for the next season of The Hills? They sum it up in four perfect words. "The bitch is back." Of course, the bitch is none other than Laguna Beach vixen Kristin Cavallari—who belongs on reality TV. She famously duked it out with Lauren Conrad way back in the day over Stephen Colletti. Ahhhh, those were the days. Well now that Lauren has hung up her tiara as "queen reality show bee," Kristin is graciously taking over the throne. She appeared as a guest on Heidi and Spencer's wedding on the season finale of The Hills to whet our appetites for the upcoming drama and imminent catfights she'll be starting with the rest of the girls on the show—especially Audrina Patridge. She sat next to Audrina's on-again, off-again boyfriend "Justin Bobby" at the nuptials for a little foreshadowing . . .

According to Star Magazine, since the wedding, filming for Kristin's season of The Hills has officially begun and she is at war with Miss Audrina. While the cameras rolled during Audrina's 24th birthday party at LA's London West Hollywood hotel, Kristen did everything in her power to steal the spotlight away. She crossed the line, however, when she started hanging all over and flirting with  "Justin Bobby" in front of Audrina. According to a source, Kristin was "fake giggling and making it look like she liked him." What You Must Know About Flirting and Seduction

To put it mildly, Audrina did not take Kristin's antics lightly and just snapped. She started yelling at Kristin to "keep it up" and started clapping and yelling at Kristin that she was a "good actress." Whether or not this will make it on the air is yet to be determined but is this setting the stage for Audrina's departure from the show? She's made threats to leave. LA is a pretty big town but these egos are even bigger! And, no surprise here, but Audrina isn't the only one ready to claw Kristin's eyes out. Heidi and Spencer are pretty peeved that Kristin is starring on The Hills next season too. According to sources, they've been going around town telling anyone who will listen that "they've worked their butts off for the show and now Kristin just walks on and becomes the new star."

The new season doesn't begin until the fall but our countdown has begun and our Tivos are ready to go. Oh yes—this is the stuff that reality TV dreams are made of.

Photo Courtesy of Splash News