Engagement Chicken And 9 Other Milestone Meals

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Recipes for taking any romance to the next level.

  • First Kiss Ice Cream Sundae: Sticky, sweet and generally at the end of a date, nothing too subtle about this number. Those banana and cherries signify nothing.
  • Awkward Morning After Soup: Blueberry muffins, silver dollar pancakes, apple bacon and French toast? He didn't have those things. Nor did he have cereal. He had a can of soup.
  • Divorce Tacos: Everything tastes like salsa, weird. Be careful, they coule be filled with rat poison or worse, disappointment.
  • I Want An Open Relationship Paella: It sounds exotic. It sounds glamorous. It sounds cosmopolitan. It's just rice, vegetables, meat and, usually, snails. There's a metaphor there somewhere.
  • Let's Move In Together Smoked Brisket: BAM! Brisket takes days and barbeque is fun. Planning and excitement aren't mutually exclusive, how can this go wrong?

Sound off on any dishes out there that ought to be used to preface relationship milestones?