Engagement Chicken And 9 Other Milestone Meals

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They, in their infinite wisdom, say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach (though some would say to aim a little lower). But the gang over at Glamour has been able to dial in this chestnut to create a single dish that will force him to his bent knee. The engagement chicken is such a meal; he will be so overcome that he has no recourse but to pop the question. Beth Ostrosky used this technique to expedite a betrothal from badass bachelor Howard Stern (King Of Media, not the lawyer lover of Anna Nicole Smith). 

Evidently, men and women both use culinary cunning to get what they want in a relationship, as our Jane Black details why her guy friend's "closer" Chicken Rollatini (always with the poultry, you people) works.

There have to be dozens of meals to mark all matter of relationship milestones (and some mild-stones): here are nine:

  • First Date Roast Beef Panini: It's hot and roast beef is sort of pricey, but you can be done with it in 5 minutes tops. No one's really committing too much with a hot sandwich.
  • I Want A New Car Beef Wellington: Beef Wellington takes a long time to make. You're lucky if she/ he only wants a new car with all the effort that takes.
  • Let's Try [Insert Sex Act] Lobster: If they don't put the price of something on a restaurant menu, it's expensive. Buying 5 pounds of tails could mean that someone wants to try bringing in another person or they may want CPA.

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