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Pro athletes, purses and Jon and Kate all made appearances on YourTango this week.

YourTango this week was was more addictive than Flo Rida's latest single.

From pro athletes dishing on love to what men really think about your handbag—if YourTango was candy, we'd be in sugar shock right now.

But in case you were too busy satisfying your sweet tooth, here's this week's best.

Feature: What Do Pro Athletes Know About Marriage?
Long-distance relationships don't come between these high octane couples.

Video: Women And Their Purses: The Male Take
The guys of That's What He Said are at it again. Check out their new topic.

Celeb Love: Jon Gosselin Ready To Move Out. Is Divorce Next?
Who needs Bragelina when we have Jon and Kate?

Love Buzz: 5 Things To Keep To Yourself In A New Relationship
Some people just need a little time before you air your dirty laundry.

Tomfoolery: Choosing Between Betty & Veronica
There hasn't seen a decision this hard since Sophie's Choice.

Community Blog: I Need A Break From Dating!
MsHeartBeat shares what she's going through.