Which Profession Is The Most Datable?

Which Profession Is The Most Datable?

Why trust funders, media men, and doctors get hotter as the recession gets worse.

Last week we found ourselves on a two woman bar tour, consisting of just ourselves. Had we not been so amused by our own antics, we would have gone home, well that and the cutie in a suit stationed in the doorway of Spitzer's. So stoic was his demeanor that we just had to dub him the Downtown Centurion.

DABA Girl: So what do you do that demands you spend so much time glued to your blackberry?"

Downtown Centurion: "I don't really want to talk about what I do."

DABA Girl: "Ohhhh, I get it. Laid off and interviewing."Read: 4 Reasons To Date The Unemployed

Downtown Centurion: "No, I'm employed I just don't want to be defined by what I do, ok?

Me : "A defensive wall street guy? Refreshing."

Banka' please. A mere seven months ago this banker boy would have proudly announced where they worked. Masters of the Universe, they were the most desirable guys to date and they knew it.

Finance guys are now the poster children for the fall of our nation's greatness. They are the reason why we are in our current economic situation.Read: Economy Affects Divorce Rates

As out of favor as bankers have become, it's surprising how many guys in other professions we hear from on www.dabagirls.com claiming to be the "new bankers." For example:

Trust funders. Back in the ‘80's they would explain breezily that they were in "imports and exports." With the fall of the finance guy, they've dropped the act and will now proudly tell you that they don't do jack but who cares—they're recession proof!

Let's not forget about the doctors. Their joy in being bumped up a few spots on Newsweek's best marriage material list is frankly too celebratory for polite company.Read: Marriage Is Not Dead!

The media men. They range from fast-talking Ari Emmanuel types to dark and stormy screenwriters—both quick to stress that, "Movies provide escapism! The people will want more of them in bad times!"

Written by The DABA Girls for Recessionwire.com.

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