Joshua Jackson And Diane Kruger Moving In Together


Couple relocate to Vancouver and make us all jealous.

Joshua Jackson, whom we will try not to refer to as "Pacey" for the rest of this blog post, and his ladyfriend of three years, Troy's Diane Kruger, are shacking up in the lovely seaside city of Vancouver, People reports. We are delighted for them and not at all green with envy that they will be right next to the 2010 Olympics and also are very beautiful, talented people who are in love and probably having excellent, prolific sex with each other.

The reason for the move is work, nominally; Josh stars on Fox's Fringe, which got a second season pickup last month, and production on the show is moving from sunny L.A. to the more atmospherically appropriate Canadian city over the summer. Vancouver also happens to be his hometown, where the 30-year-old was discovered and cast in 1992's The Mighty Ducks. "It's best case scenario for me to go home. I haven't worked in Vancouver since, I think, '95," he told Hello magazine.

Diane, who was born and raised in Germany, told The Telegraph that the move will be difficult for her. It is "going to be hard for me to do any work," she says, but "it doesn't matter where we're going to live. We have no attachments anywhere. Home is where the other person is and that's really great. I could live anywhere as long as he's there." The Moving-In-Together Survival Guide

Josh, for his part, says the move doesn't mean there will be little Jackson-Krugers any time soon. To Kruger's mother, he said, "I know you don't speak English very well, but somebody should translate this for you: 'Don't worry, you're not about to become a grandmother.'"

Via People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.