Celeb Denials: Brad & Anglie, Nicole & Keith

brad pitt and agelina jolie not separating
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Brangelina, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman all deny what's been reported about them this week.

It's been quite the exhausting week in Hollywood. Brad and Angelina were supposedly breaking up despite all these years of overcoming Jennifer Aniston's evil eye and a house full of kids. Kim Kardashian was apparently getting engaged with the ring of her choosing from long time boyfriend Reggie Bush. And Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were going to give daughter Sunday Rose an adopted sibling from Vietnam.
Well . . . not so fast on any of those reports. Everyone is issuing big fat denials. Brangelina isn't ready to throw in the towel on their relationship—at least not this week. Angie's manager claims their break-up is "Not true at all." Another source told Us Weekly "They have their fights and moments, but generally things are good. They are happy—and Brad loves being a father." They're only two kids shy of being the Hollywood version of Jon and Kate so hopefully they can make it work.
And even though Kim Kardashian and her NFL boyfriend Reggie Bush are totally happy together—they're not engaged despite reports that Kim had gone and picked out her very own ring. She took to her very own blog to set the record straight—and of course blamed her publicist for the confusion. "My new publicist was talking with Star Magazine earlier today and accidentally referred to Reggie as my fiance so they posted the news on their website," she wrote. "There have been so many rumors flying around recently about Reggie and I being engaged that she assumed we were!" It may not be true, but if you've ever watched of Keeping Up With The Kardashians then you know that when the question is popped that Kim will have dictated every part of it to Reggie from the ring to how he asks.
And finally, even though Australia's New Idea magazine seemed pretty sure that Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban had approached the Vietnamese authorities about beginning adoption proceedings . . . and Dang Minh Dao from the Department of International Adoption  even confirmed it.  .  . Nicole's spokeswoman is making it clear that the adoption rumors are false. "It is complete fabrication," she says. "There is no truth to it whatsoever." So if she's not adopting then are the rumors Nicole's sporting a new bump true?
Ahhh Hollywood, you never seem to be able to make up your minds or decide what is true and what is false. It's okay though . . . we forgive you time and time again . . . and love that you give us something to look forward to reading about day in and day out!