Commit Adultery? Go To Jail.


In Dubai, that's the law. This British couple found out the hard way.

The wisdom rings true yet again. Before you go anywhere abroad, and after you thumb through the spectacular brochures detailing your romantic getaway, make sure to familiarize yourself with a few of the country's basic laws. Otherwise, you may be in for a lot more than you bargained, and not in the adventure category you were imagining.

Last year, a British couple was sentenced to three months in jail in Dubai for having intimate relations on the beach (not the romantic ending they were hoping for) and just this week another couple was shipped off to jail for committing adultery, reports the Associated Press.

The woman and her lover (who is not from Dubai) were arrested when the woman's husband contacted police to let them know about his wife's extramarital affair. The woman, who is a mother of two, reports the AP, admitted guilt to the charge. Her paramour denied the allegation, and this week asked for leniency because he was "visiting the country and didn't know its laws," reported a Dubai daily paper. His defense did not pass muster.Matchmaker In Iran Helps Couples Meet

The couple must serve one month in jail before being deported. The thirtysomething couple who was caught having sex on the beach in 2008 was originally sentenced to three months in jail but was later deported after their sentences were suspended in appeals court, reports the AP.

Note to wanderlust travelers: Before you embark on those romantic summer getaways, study up on the laws of the country you're visiting. Dubai, with its flashy allure and stunning landscape, is governed by Islamic law. This means women dress more conservatively, no sex on the beach and a whole host of other hedonistic activities often associated with vacation-time are off-limits.

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