Jon Gosselin Ready To Move Out. Is Divorce Next?

jon gosseling moving out
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Jon and producers looking for an apartment that will fit... a camera crew.

Jon Gosselin might be moving out of the Kate plus eight's house. Is this a step towards divorce? According to FameCrawler, "producers have begun looking for apartments that are camera-crew friendly so that Jon can move out." Thank goodness! What would the viewing public do if we didn't have access to Jon?

TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 is in the middle of its fifth season, but the drama began long before the premiere. From Jon's late night out to Kate's bodyguard, the couple has been ensconced in affair and divorce rumors.

What has ultimately come out is that their marriage is on the rocks, and probably has been for a long time. And now it appears the duo is headed for a separation. An "insider" told the National Enquirer (via FameCrawler) that the pair wants to be legally separated by July 15. They will have joint custody. We certainly hope Jon finds a place that fits his children. The "Plus 8" part of this saga seems to get a little lost in the publicity stunts of their parents.

Although their marriage may be coming to an end, there's no need to pity the Gosselins. Their show is receiving its best ratings ever as their fame reaches new heights.  Gossip sites have reported that the couple is worth $10 million, and they appear willing to earn every last penny their marriage, show and children are worth. Read: Jon & Kate & The $10 Million Dollar Divorce

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