Women Delaying Pregnancy Because Of Economy

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The shoddy economy has women putting their plans for baby on hold.

Will we be seeing a great baby bust in 2009? At the very least, we'll see fewer births than were previously expected.

A recent article by Anne Harding for Health magazine reports that many American women have decided to put their plans to have a baby on hold due to the murky economy waters.

Pay cuts, layoffs and credit card rate hikes are leaving couples feeling too vulnerable to plant any real roots. Baby Blues: You're Ready, He's Not!

One statistic in the article cites that one in five married women ages 18 to 44 answered that the downturned economy had negatively affected their plans to enlarge their families. The survey results were announced by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in May.

Additionally, the survey found that women in the US are cutting back on spending for routine healthcare and medications.

Readers, do you have a friend who delayed plans to get pregnant because of the economy?