History Students Get Laid Most Often

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Those who study where we've been, are most likely to get where they want.

If you thought there wasn't a correlation between your major and scoring stats you were sorely mistaken, my friend. Little did you know when you veered off into engineering, all those lucky history buffs were going to analyze world war explosions during the day and create more sparks at night, too. Sexual History: Does it Matter?

A new British study by the Oxford University student newspaper Cherwell says those who study history get the most action, with politics, English literature, philosophy and economic students also doing very well in the bedroom.

Granted the survey was only out of 850 students, so you can hardly scratch your head at all the business and art majors at your university who seemed to enjoy a revolving door of partners. In fact, the study offers no reason why those majors seem to be sex magnets while others lag behind. But we're guessing liberal arts degree-seekers may just be more convivial than say a computer science or math major? Smart Men Make Better Sperm

Maybe. Who knows.

However, the same study also revealed that British students who got laid more than once a month were less likely to do well in school. The ones who rocked at the end of the year didn't enjoy the fruits of promiscuity (or even semi-promiscuity). In fact, those who reported booming sex lives often graduated with a a 2:1 or 2:2 in their degree, which is the American equivalent of a 3.5 or lower, versus the valedictorians of the group.

Ah, well. Gotta take the good with the bad, right?