Pink and Carey Touring Together

Pink and Carey Hart reconciling in Australia

The newly reconciled couple are spending some much needed quality time together in Australia.

Pink may refer to her almost ex-husband, motocross racer Carey Hart as a "tool" in her hit song "So What"  but that was so 2008. That's when the on-again, off-again duo were taking a hiatus from their marriage.  They've since called the divorce proceedings off and are back to dating bliss.  Pink and Carey have even headed down under for the next 14 weeks together. According to People, Pink is in Australia on tour so Carey coordinated his own performance schedule so they can be in the same cities at the same time. "It took us seven years to work it out," Pink says. "We got married and I went on the road for two years. That's about as long as we were married. It's definitely hard."

We're not gonna lie, when the couple announced that their separation was off and they were back together, we raised an eyebrow. Before they even walked down the aisle in 2006, one was never sure if they were gonna make it that far. But we gotta give Pink and Carey props - their drama seems to keep them together and if that's their glue, then good for them!  So, are they going to make it this time? Well, they're already married because they were never officially divorced. According to Pink, that was just by default because the duo "hates paperwork!' No word on if there will be another wedding to seal the deal but Pink did tell Ellen Degeneres that she "loves a party" so we'll all just have to wait and see what happens with these two crazy kids!