Once More From The Man Panel


Get dating advice from the man panel at Dating Boot Camp.

Have you ever stopped and wonder what he's really thinking? Or if his words and thoughts are on the same page at all? Ever wonder why men do a myriad of goofy, harebrained things? Now's your chance to find out straight from the source.

As part of Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal's wildly successful dating boot camp (based largely on their books Why Hasn’t He Called? and Why Hasn’t He Proposed?), you'll have the opportunity to ask guys why we act like we do when it comes to matters of the heart. The first two installments of the series were bigtime hits, so much so that they had to reconfigure seats to squeeze in more attendees. Questions ranged from "how much talking is too little, too much or just right?" to "how do I differentiate myself from the other two women that this guy I like is sleeping with?" and into more classic territory like "why do guys like high heels?" (Hint: it lifts your bottom and forces you to stand up straight, all good things."

There will be more of the same this time around. This week's topic is probably the most important for anyone seeking love out there: how to get the guy you want. The dating boot camp begins at 6 PM and runs to 8 PM at Lord & Taylor in Manhattan (424 5th Avenue, 11th Floor), the middle portion of the event is dedicated to the man panel. This week's man panel (guy gallery, if you'd prefer) is another group of outstanding men: there's entrepreneur and founder of the what's going down in your town website Thrillist.com, Adam Rich. There's Max Gross, author of From Schlub To Stud. The very sharp Ron Geraci will be joining us this week, he's the author of The Bachelor Chronicles and one of YourTango's panelists on the series "That's What He Said." And I'll be there too, so bring it.

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