Heidi and Spencer Regret New Reality Show

Heid Montag and Spencer Pratt

The Hills stars want to quit the grueling reality competition "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here."

Oh Speidi, you're in the Costa Rican jungle now—far, far away from The Hills. We love you for the many ways you manage to keep your names in the news. Your on-going feud with Lauren Conrad. Your two failed attempts at walking down the aisle (before the third time was a charm). And now you're leaving your privileged and posh life in LA behind to duke it out with other celebrities in the Costa Rican jungle on the new NBC reality competition I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. No nightclubs. No quaint outdoor cafes. No hairdryers. Just you and ten other faux celebrities dropped in the jungle for one month with your fate in America's hands. That's right, we're deciding what physical and mental tasks you must endure.

The newlyweds arrived in Costa Rica on Wednesday to meet the rest of their castmates including other reality TV stars such as Janice Dickinson and former American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar. So far, reports reveal that Heidi ate a scorpion and Spencer dined on a live stick. And here's a big shock—they've both thrown temper tantrums so big they threatened to leave the show. Heidi was overheard complaining that she wished they would get some "real celebrities" on the show such as "K-Fed." And both Heidi and her husband could not understand why they weren't able to stay at the Four Seasons and work on their tans.

Well, all we know is I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here premieres tonight, June 1st at 8PM/7C on NBC and we have a feeling that Lauren Conrad has the number to vote them into doing the most horrible things possible on speed dial! Payback is most certainly a bitch!

Via ryanseacrest.com. Photo courtesy of Splash News.