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Comment of the Day 06/01

Comment of the Day 06/01

One of the best perks of working on this site is getting to hear other people's love stories. All too often, I think we believe in a myth of how love is supposed to work. But in truth, it works differently for different people. Love is not a rigid set of dos and dont's, rather its a process of committment, hope, failure, and getting up and trying again. In response to "12 Relationship Red Flags" Raymond James Thibault shows us how love worked and didn't work for him:

I'm a 55 year old Army Veteran. I am Divorced, lasted 24 years, 11 months and 22 days, Widowed she died of type 1 diabetes complications, friend, lover, drinking partner and absolute partner. I miss her dearly. 7 years, 5 months and 27 days Best time of my life until now. found one my age era. A fellow trekkie. a reader, thinker and highly opinionated. Me I'm a strong willed, college educated mechanical engineer. hardened combat veteran. I agree with the 12 points. Seen em Lived them a time or two. there is one more. When she tells you a story and her friends tell you a different one. Its a red flag if it happens because a grasp of reality is missing. I'm a Gemini, shes an Aries. We fit very well in all we do together. We listen while the other talks. We laugh, cry and generally bull s**t with each other like very old friends. She's close to my age thats all I'll say. We had a working relationship that turned into a LOVE Affair that other people noticed first. True love sneaks up on you and blossoms. Its real when you can both agree on the important stuff. At a Bar or resturant I can order for her she me. I can anticipate her needs, she mine. We give each other space. There is no-one else in either of our lives. Just wait friends it comes. 3rd time a charm.

Thanks for your story! Best of luck with your lady and let us know how it goes.


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