The Sergeant and Daddy-O


Daddy-O reached out to touch me on Monday too - he texted me to ask how my trip was going! I told him my best friend and I would be back in town Tuesday evening and asked if he wanted to get together this week. He said Wednesday would be the best time to catch him because he'd have his son for the rest of the week and into the weekend, so Wednesday it was! It was another date made amazing in its simplicity - all we did was hang out at his apartment and listen to the Blackhawks game. Of course, we found ourselves in quite the makeout session, but again, his hands only wandered as far as I let them, and they never went under the clothes, and my hands never did either. Yep, it was really great, especially when he and I laid down on the couch and just cuddled... until the Blackhawks lost in overtime to Detroit and the Blackhawks season officially came to an end. Then, we consoled one another - it was pretty damn spectacular.

So you, dear reader, are probably wondering where the hell the conundrum is? The conundrum is that the Sergeant does funny things to me, but one little voice in my head is telling me he'll never straighten up and fly right for me, and another little voice (probably my heart) tells me just maybe I can't let him go because maybe he's the right one for me. At the same time, I really feel something good developing with Daddy-O. We're really taking our time, and I really think there's potential there for something.

Common sense and my friends all think that I should leave the Sergeant alone and move past it, because the great Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, and I don't want to repeat the heartbreak I felt when the Sergeant fell off the face of the earth after I told him how I felt. And things are looking positive between me and Daddy-O, so common sense would tell me to go with what works.

However, truely common sense tells me to ride this storm out because neither of them is initiating talk about any sort of committment, and until that happens, I should just keep my options open and stop losing sleep over it. I know this is my first blog post, but I hope I don't sound terribly crazy.