Blondes Ruin Romance Most Often Says Study


Does hair color really dictate behavior? A new study says yes.

Being a card-carrying member of Team Brunette we've never really bought the whole blondes-have-more- fun mantra. In fact, we've never really bought any silly hair color, racial, gender, geographical, class, pet stereotypes. In general we think they're nothing more than white noise which (might) illicit a giggle or two. If that.Stereotypes About Black Relationships

So when we saw some "blondes more likely to ruin romance" headline attached to a study conducted by an online dating site ( we had some very serious reservations.

Blondes ruin future romantic prospects more than brunettes? C'mon. Give us a break. We know some walking, talking chocolate-haired date-destroyers and many, many Grade-A marrying-types of the honey-colored gene pool. Paris Booted Off Yacht For Rampant Humping

Regardless, this claims to have polled 1, 300 people and the results, unfortunately for blondes, revealed they are most likely to send a first date running for the hills.

"Apparently, blondes are the most likely of anyone to have tried to seduce a first date with recollections about an ex," said the article. "Seen their judgement impaired by drinking too much, and bed their date at the end of the night."

There's no mention of what secret brunettes have tucked away in their brown strands. Instead, some "expert" named Penn Conway from the dating firm, chimed in with a possible explanation for why the Jessica Simpson/Paris Hilton/Pam Andersons of the dating world might fall on their own sword more often.

"How we are treated by other people can influence how we behave, so this may explain why blondes are more likely to behave badly compared to brunettes or red heads, or go home with their dates on the first night."