Gay Or Straight, No Kids Means No Marriage

Gay Couple And No Kids
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Why gay couples and straight couples without kids are the same in the eyes of some.

Since gay couples can't have children, they shouldn't marry. Or so goes the ruling in more than a few states.

So far, same-sex marriage is only legal in three states: Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa. Although it will be legal in Vermont on September 1, 2009, and in Maine on September 14, 2009, the rest of the country is sorely behind.

One argument being made by the opposition is that the purpose of marriage is to make babies. A man and a woman get married for the sake of starting a family and that alone is what defines "marriage." Read: How To Make A Baby (And Enjoy Trying)

While we prepare an endless rebuttal, let's just play along for a minute and for arguments sake.

What happens when straight couples decide they don't want to have children? Are these childless couples suddenly banned from marriage as well?

The Huffington Post recently published an article which makes a case for gay marriage through the eyes of a straight couple without kids.

Beyond any issues of infertility or illness, there are men and women who are married in the eyes of the state, enjoying all of the legal benefits, who have no intention of having children. They seek only companionship and all of the entitlements that come with marriage. Sex, joy, partnership, caring. All of that is theirs, even though they will never bear children and willfully so. If the state says they are free to do that, why aren't gay couples, as well.

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