Who's Our Favorite "Housewife"?

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The never-been-married openly single one of course! 5 reasons Bethenny Frankel rocks.

Recently, while watching the end-of-the-season sit-down of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City we were reminded why Bethenny Frankel is by far and away our favorite housewife. We are not quite sure how she got cast on the show, seeing as she is single and not technically a housewife, but we're so glad she did.

Here are five reasons why we think Bethenny is tops. The Real Housewives Report Card: Who Gets An "A"?

1. She's a Self-Made Woman. She runs her own business and on nearly every episode you can see her promoting her drink or cooking up a healthful storm. The woman works hard and gets the job done.

2. She's A Self-Proclaimed Ball Buster.
We love the epsisodes where they show Bethenny going on a date with some new guy. On one such date, she was out with a foreign model. To start things off lightly, she said something along the lines of, "So I guess you heard I'm a ball buster." Being that English was not the man's native language she then had to explain what that meant. Awesome.

3. She's Unabashedly Sensitive.
Yes, we've seen her cry on many an episode. Then we saw her get harshly trashed by one of her counterpart housewives on the end-of-the-season sit-down. Ouch! An uncalled-for critique, but she took it like a woman and owned up. Bethenny admitted that she cries and has things to be sad about. We love that she can put it all out there. She doesn't hide. She keeps it real. And, we get it. Sometimes there's nothing left to do but cry. We say, right on, sister. Let it out. Be yourself, go with it and let if flow. You don't have to hold it in just for the sake of appearing strong.

4. She's Transparent. Bethenny often tells it like it is, or at least how she sees it. We find this refreshing. She could care less if she's an official socialite. She is who she is, take it or leave it. She's not going to change or play fake to fit in. Nice work. We say, one heckuva role model.

5. She's Onward Bound. Hearing Bethenny talk, you can see that she views life as a process. She's had amazing success, with a bestselling book and a thriving business as a celebrity chef. And yet, she really wants to meet someone quality, too. We hope she finds that love connection soon and that all the pieces of her life fall into place. She's only 37. Still plenty of time in New York to find a good man.

We're rooting for you, Bethenny Frankel!

Read Bethenny's take on The Real Housewives of New Jersey on her Bravo blog.