The Links: Is The Sexting Threat Overblown?


Who buys Plan B? No orgasms for 30 years. How to cure Vaginosis. And the teens are hugging again?

Another week and another roundup of the best the interwebs have to offer:

Over at Lemondrop , they are quite amused by big media's concern about "sexting." I agree, no teen is sending IWYTRBAOMFATWMEABS (I Want You To Rub Butter All Over My Face And Then Watch Me A Banana Slowly). You have to be at least 21 years weird for that sort of fetish.

According to the gang at The Frisky, another teen epidemic has the grownups spooked: hugging. The act is even being banned in some schools and is Entourage to blame? It looks like drugs will be making a comeback without the hugs counterbalance. No word from anyone on this "rainbow party" I keep hearing about.

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Our buds at College Humor started a new, funny feature called Dating: It's Complicated. Think but maybe less made-up. Very funny, either way. No "rainbow party" talk there either. Hmm.

Quick confession, my all-time favorite TV show is The State. One of the show's cast members (and the director of Wet Hot American Summer, the underrated The Ten and the website Wainy Days), David Wain, gives dating advice over at Asylum. God, I wish I were John "Cougar" Mellencamp.

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