Comment of the Day 05/28


There is a lot of great discussion about sex, weight and body image going on over on the article "Sex and The Curvy Girl". One recent comment by darkopz caught our eye. Darkopz argues that men who discriminate based on weight aren't hating on the bigger gals at all.

I dont understand where you are coming from? I havent seen anyone that said anything bigger than a size 00 is bad? The problem is that women defend themselves when they are obese by doing exactly what you are doing. Saying "do you want me to be a size 00?". I dont think many guys, if any at all, want to be with a size 00 lady. There is a huge difference between size 8 and size 20. A size 8 is not obese, not even close. So when you say something like, "And then some girl who actually is fit, but is just a little bigger, gets s**t like that thrown at her." What is a little bigger? A BMI of 30 is not a little bigger, a size 20 is not a little bigger. Going from size 00 to size 6 or size 8 is a little bigger and not concidered obese. I believe this is where things break down when it comes to weight. Conversations go to an extreme. Men just like women would like there partner to be an appropriate weight. Obeses people are not healthy, that is why its called being obese. Being size 00 through unhealthy means isnt healthy either. There is an appropriate weight which gets skipper over in defense of being overweight.

I think there is something wrong with society but I dont agree with your reasons. We are an extremely overweight society and find more and more reasons why it is acceptable. It isnt acceptable.

For anyone that is overweight and is not not happy about it, why are you settling? Why are you ok with being overweight? In a single year, 12 months you can change your whole body. In the next 12 months that will pass no matter what, change yourself. Just do it, stop saying you cant because you can, it happens every day.

Just my 20 cents.

While he may have a point, as evidenced by the article "I'm Just Not Into His Weight Gain", he kinda lost me at size 20. Really, darkopz? Really? This just reinforces my long-held belief that guys have no clue about size. Thoughts?